Sober October 2023 Cheatsheet (+ Other Months Too!)

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Sober October 2023 Cheatsheet (+ Other Months Too!)

Whether you’re looking to participate in sober October, or want to integrate its tips and practices into other periods of your life, month-long or otherwise, we’ve got your non-alcoholic cheatsheet!


What is Sober October?

First launched in the United Kingdom in 2014 by Macmillan Cancer Support as a fundraising campaign, Sober October is a month-long challenge not just to abstain from alcohol but to re-evaluate your drinking relationship with it.

While Macmillan continues to fundraise and provide essential health support through their annual Sober October, the initiative itself has gone global with people around the world embracing the goal, much like the following “Dry January.”

Fun Fact: In Australia, the campaign is called Ocsober, and it raises funds for children’s education. There’s even a giraffe mascot, Healthy Harold!


What are the Benefits of Sober October?

Whether you finish each workday with a beverage, are a weekend nightlife warrior or are simply a social/casual drinker, there are several personal reasons to spend even just 31 days sober.


1. Improved Sleep Cycles

Regardless if absorbed through beer, spirits or wine consumption, despite all of the temptation to sleep off the day (or night) of drinking beforehand, alcohol actually disturbs your sleep.

Despite depressing your nervous system, which can feel relaxing at first, alcohol has a negative effect on the quality of your sleep, especially if consumption is frequent or long-term. Such a habit can worsen REM sleep, insomnia and sleep apnea.

Sober sleep, with unsuppressed cycles, will result in longer, undisturbed rest which will feel much better come morning time. You’ll not only be well-rested, but you’ll feel rested, have far more energy and clear mind power.


2. Better Hydration

While alcohol may feel refreshing at each sip, it can be very dehydrating to your body. Alternatively, your cells can absorb more water in Sober October, rather than waste it.


3. Better Memory and Mood

It’s no secret that alcohol can impair memory, judgement and mood if not enjoyed responsibly. A sober October eliminates this self-imposed mental impairment, avoiding the suppression of your neurological function.


4. Social Discovery

When you commit to a month of no alcohol, this can be a wonderful opportunity to discover new, or past-loved, activity alternatives. Visit new places, engage in a different at-home or in-store hobby, or simply continue to socialize with your circles, minus the usual alcoholic beverage in your hand.


Ease into Sobriety With ONES

Eliminating drinking doesn’t mean having to miss out on the flavourful, sophisticated taste and feeling that comes with your favourite glass of wine. Made in the Okanagan, ONES is the BC wine you know and love, but without the alcohol content; currently available in Sparkling Red and Sparkling Rosé.


Missed Sober October?

Much like with “New Year’s resolutions,” you don’t actually have to wait for a particular month to kickstart a goal, especially one which would reap as many mental and physical rewards as sobriety. The best time to start is right now, in the moment. Make any month a fun challenge for yourself, whether it’s Sober November, Drink-Free December, Dry January, etc.

When it comes to alcohol, once you live without, or with far less, you might wonder how you lived with it.

Sober October Cheatsheet

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