From our fans

“Great to bring to the boss's house when you need to participate in the evening and stay sharp”

Frank Penticton

“Love the sparkling!!!”

Kate Summerland

“It's tough to find low alc and no sugar. Where has this been all my life?!?!"”

Victoria Burnaby

“I still love wine but sometimes you need a break from alcohol. Ones is a great option”

Nicole Comox

"I want to open something after a long day of work but I don't want to drink. This is perfect!"

Amy London

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  • Looking in the Mirror

    Looking in the Mirror

    As planned, we’ve got bottling coming up this week to re-stock the shelves after a successful fall. Alongside the growth in production, we’re expanding the team at Ones+. This will...

  • Stuck for Days, Hospitality Ways

    Stuck for Days, Hospitality Ways

    It’s been a week of delays in the Okanagan, with a shutdown of Westjet compounded by a few snowstorms. The inconveniences of our traveller guests have served as a reminder...