How come ONES isn't as sweet as other non-alcoholic wines?

Alcohol (or ethanol) is one component of traditional wine but plays a big role outside of intoxication. It provides mouthfeel and can play a role in how flavours are perceived. When alcohol is removed, there is a void. Many non-alcoholic producers add sugar to fill this void. At ONES, we don't want sugar to mask the natural expression of the grapes and the terroir of the Okanagan Valley. We know this may not suit everyone's preference but we are committed to producing a quality product that doesn't take short cuts.

What is the process you use to make your wine non-alcoholic? 

Our process begins with sourcing the best wine. We use only wines made from Okanagan grapes that have been sustainably farmed. On the world stage, the Okanagan is a premier site for grape-growing. There is adequate heat during the summer for ripening, and the cool weather retains the acid in the grapes. Dry weather is also great for plant health; Okanagan farmers have to use less farming inputs such as fungicides compared to growers in other regions.

So, is it just grape juice? 

Definitely not. Grape juice doesn’t go through a fermentation process. ONES wines are fully fermented which is what gives wine its textures, flavours, aromas and mouth-feel. Only then do we remove the alcohol from the finished wine.

Why do you keep some of the alcohol?

Removing 100% of the alcohol noticeably affects the mouth-feel & texture. With trace amounts of alcohol (less than 0.5%) we’re able to bring you much more flavour, character & mouth-presence than other non-alcoholic wines.

What makes Okanagan grapes so special?

Thanks to our unique “pocket desert” climate, the Okanagan creates unique flavorful wines. Our long, hot summer with dry, arid conditions gives our grapes plenty of time in the sunshine leading to more ripeness and flavour development. The cool, fall nights impart balance to the wines, preserving their natural acidity—which you can taste in our wines. 

Do you ship all across Canada? 

Shipping destinations change seasonally. During the winter ONES wines can only be shipped to BC & Alberta.