Pregnant Women & Non-Alcoholic Wine

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Pregnant Women & Non-Alcoholic Wine

Two common beverage questions before or during pregnancy are “can pregnant women drink alcohol,” and, more specifically, “is there a safe amount of alcohol you can drink during pregnancy.”

We always recommend pregnant women consult their physician before consuming our non-alcoholic wine.


ONES has 0.5% Alcohol, Doesn’t That Count as Drinking Alcohol?

Scientifically yes, digestively no. With each sip, your body can quickly metabolize an ABV (alcohol by volume) this low, leaving you with no symptoms or effects typically tied to alcohol and, most importantly, a sober BAC (blood alcohol level).

This also means it would be safe to consume non-alcoholic wine during periods in which you may choose to breastfeed your newly welcomed addition to the family.


What are Reasons for Drinking Non-Alcoholic Wine Even While Pregnant?

Besides guilt-free enjoyment of the flavours and artistry of BC wine, there are personal reasons why some women may choose to consume non-alcoholic wine, especially red wine, during pregnancy.


1. Evasion of Sugary Substitutes

When making lifestyle choices that involve sobriety, temporarily or otherwise, it’s easy to fall into the habit of replacing former alcoholic favourites with sugary fruit juices/cocktails or sodas, which can also be high in sodium and carbohydrates.

Wines like our ONES Sparkling Red and Sparkling Rosé are not only non-alcoholic, but they’re also sugar-free and carb-free!


2. Rich in Antioxidants

Fun fact about grapes, they’re full of polyphenols, a plant compound, called resveratrol. Some studies show that these antioxidants are like little micro-defenders of your bloodstream; cutting down your cholesterol, protecting your blood vessels and keeping blood clots at bay.


3. Inclusivity over Isolation

One frequently discussed, but sometimes overlooked, reality of pregnancy and new motherhood can be the overwhelming feeling of isolation, in addition to the many other lifestyle changes that can come with it.

It’s easy to suddenly feel separate from others, especially at events, when you’re the only one who’s pregnant, or just the only one who’s not consuming alcohol. Not to mention, all the well-intended people who automatically feel the need to ask “are you having fun” ten times because you might be the only one just drinking water or a Cola.

With non-alcoholic wine like ONES, you no longer have to feel sidelined while everyone else says “cheers!” with a glass of their favourite red or rosé, you’ll have your own same-tasting yet baby and mama-safe alternative.

No more skipping celebrations and get-togethers over potentially bland sobriety offerings. Your palate will potentially thank us too.


How is Non-Alcoholic Wine Made?

Click here to learn more about how ONES Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine is made. We’re the only Okanagan wine without the buzz!


Where to Buy ONES Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Click here to shop online, or locate ONES at a retailer nearest you here.

Pregnant Women & Non-Alcoholic Wine
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