Do you have a Tasting Room?

No, unfortunately we do not have a tasting room. Luckily we have amazing retailers all over Canada. 

On occasion our retailers will provide us with tasting opportunities - 

Follow our newsletter and social media to keep up to date on tastings and events near you. 


You’re sugar free?!
But do you use sweeteners?


We do not use any artificial sweeteners or sugars. 

One common practice producers use is to add sugar, thickeners, or artificial flavorings to the non-alc wine in order to make it more similar to traditional wine. Our goal is to try to make a product that doesn't have those extra additives and to let people taste the Okanagan terroir unencumbered by alcohol. 


Do you add sulphites and other additives?


We don’t add any benzoate, sorbate, or velcorin.

As we do not add sugar to our wine (which can be used to preserve wine),

When we package do add a minimal amount of sulphites to stabilize the wine. 


Are your wines vegan?


We do not have vegan certification so we don't make claims that our wines are vegan.

How long are the
wines shelf stable?


The product is shelf stable for a year. If you don’t finish the bottle once opened we recommend putting a bottle stopper in the wine and you can keep it in the fridge for 2-3 days. 

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